Apply to CUNY Tech Prep for 2019-2020
Thank you for your interest in CUNY Tech Prep!

This application will take at least 30-45 minutes to complete, with the most time-consuming questions being the essays near the end of the form. Formatting and saving any necessary documents (transcripts, sample code, etc.) are not included in this time estimate.


1. You will need a Gmail account to use this application form. Please make sure you are logged into it before you start this application.

2. After you submit the application, you will see a link that says "edit your response." That is the ONLY link that will retain all your saved answers. As you may wish to edit your submission later, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to copy and save that link. By logging into Gmail and then using that link you can edit answers and add more uploads. For example, you may want to upload another sample of your code as a zip file or provide us with an updated transcript to show completion of a data structures course. You will also get an email with a link to your editable responses after you click "submit." Please note that users cannot manipulate previously uploaded files in GoogleForms, so adding files is the only way to give us new, updated, or corrected documents.

3. You will be required to upload your "unofficial transcript" from CUNYFirst, and your resume, at the end of this application. (1) Make sure both are formatted as PDFs before you start. Select "print" on the document. Within the print popup, click "PDF" then "save as PDF" to save a file you can upload here. (2) Change the filename of files so they include your name and the upload date, such as "johnsmithtranscript03102018.pdf" etc (3) If you are adding a new, updated, or corrected file later on, please remember to label that file with the correct upload date so we can recognize the most recent version.

Finally, we recommend you write and save your essay questions in separate word files, and/or print them out from the application, to save for your records.

NOTE: Demographic information will not be used to determine selection or admission.

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