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Agreement “Disclaimers”:

My contact application details are correct and i agree that Mediterranean forum for social development can use them for the management of the program i applied for « adress lists,mailings,...etc. »

I agree that MFD can use pictures taken at the program for documentation purposes « report,website... ».
I agree to participate in the full duration of the program mentioned above.
I commit myself to the preparation and evaluation of the program.
I understand and speak enough English to be able actively participate in working groups and discussions.
I accept the conditions of participation according to the program of this organisation and I fully understand and accept my responsibility to obtain health and travel insurance for the duration of my travels.
I agree to pay my participation fee, or any extra fee required of the program I am accepted, and I take full responsibility on VISA process and Providing the required Documents that prooves my socioprofessional sitauation in my country, and I am aware and informed that MFD is not responsible in refusal of my VISA , or any delay caused by the concerned consulate.

I am aware, and accept that in case of receiving a refusal of my visa, or cancellation of my participation in the program or in case of matter that does not allow me to participate in program a deposit of 150 Euro is not refunded, and upon a writen demand to MFD i have right to ask for the remaining amount of my participation fee, or apply for a second chance program.

* Concerns Moroccan pax: - Participation fee of a Program abroad is 250 euro to be paid once the participant is confirmed by the hosting structure, it includes for one time one participation per year, and in case of non participation 150 Eur deposit is not refunded, and the participant has right to get back 100 Euro back or apply for a second chance.
* some extra fee, depends on program might apply.

* VISA fee, and travel related costs are not included in the participation fee.

I agree and accept the conditions mentionned above.

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