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High School Majorette Tryout Packet
*Revised on December 14, 2016

H.H.S. Majorette Expectations

• Be a credit to Henderson High School and Band.
• Be courteous and friendly at all times.
• Show respect to band directors, instructors, classroom teachers, drum majors, those in positions of leadership and other members of the twirling line at all times.
• Always use a polite response after being corrected for a part in a routine.
• Dress appropriately (practice shirt, shorts and tennis shoes or jazz shoes – NOT “street” clothes or shoes) for all practices by planning ahead and knowing what to wear.
• Do not wear colored fingernail polish to a performance.
• Do not wear any jewelry (necklaces, rings, watches bracelets or earrings) to practices or performances.
• Always wear hair and make-up as instructed for performances.
• Pass off all twirling routines before being able to perform with the group.
• Pass off all music on your band instrument as required by band directors.
• Strive for academic success by keeping grades above an average needed to pass each class.
• Always give 100% while practicing and performing.
• Always have a positive attitude.
• Only black or white tape may be used on batons while performing.
• Be on time (or early) to all practices and performances.
• Never chew gum or eat candy at any practice or performance.
• Fulfill all financial responsibilities on time.
• Attend all practices.
• Call or text the instructor and the Keeper ahead of time if you are sick and not able to attend practice. 903-649-0965!!!
• Not to talk during practices while instructor is talking.
• Always turn cell phone off during practice and performance times.
• Due to the demanding practice and performance schedule, those selected as twirlers will not be able to participate with other performance groups such as drill team or cheerleading.
• Always commit myself to put the best interests of the twirling line before my personal interests.
*Consequences will be decided by band director or twirling instructor as needed.

General Information Concerning Tryouts

1) All students must audition for a position on the twirling line.
2) Tryouts will be held on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4:00.
3) Candidates will be responsible for a prepared solo suitable for UIL competition in the fall and also learning the group twirling routine. The prepared solo will be performed one at a time and each individual is responsible for providing her own routine. Each candidate is responsible for providing music for her prepared solo on a smartphone.
4) Group routine will be taught at Paige’s studio. All candidates will need to attend both practices on Sunday, February 26 and Sunday, March 19 from 3:00 – 4:00.
5) Attire for tryouts will be a solid color shirt (color of your choice, no words or designs, please – judges will know that all were asked to wear a solid color shirt…), black shorts and any color of tennis shoes or jazz shoes. “Nike” shorts are permitted as long as black is the main color.
6) Tryouts will be held in the gym.
7) Tryouts will be closed to the public but parents and friends may wait with you.
8) Please do not ask anyone how they feel about their performance after they have twirled for the judges.
9) Good sportsmanship is expected from all regardless of the outcome of tryouts. Please be prepared if the outcome of tryouts is different than you might have expected.
10) Remember to be thoughtful of other candidates after results are announced.
11) Numbers will be drawn at practice before tryouts.
12) This number will decide the order for solo routines and also the group routine.
13) Each candidate will be responsible for providing music for the prepared U.I.L. solo routine.
14) The position of “Keeper” will be selected by members of the twirling line at designated times during the year. Each twirler on the line will have one vote in the selection of the Keeper. Juniors and seniors are eligible for the position of Keeper. The Keeper will be expected to form good lines of communication with all twirlers and their parents and also be responsible for keeping everyone up to date on all information throughout the year.
15) The main resource for staying in contact with members of the twirling line will be Facebook.
16) Those selected to be on the line and exhibit a true passion for twirling and eager to go above and beyond what is expected in all areas will have the opportunity to be considered as a featured twirler.
17) Those selected as a featured twirler will perform all routines with the twirling line and march with the twirling line while the band is performing, but will be given opportunities to perform at extra events such as pep rallies when the drum line is playing or the band is playing, on the track during 4th quarter and the Christmas parade.
18) Those interested in being considered as a featured twirler must have had at least one year of experience on the high school twirling line.
19) Those interested in being a featured twirler may also hold the position of drum major and/or Keeper.
20) The number of candidates selected as featured twirler is not a set number. The judge/judges will have the option of naming candidates to this position or not. The difficulty of the routine, audience appeal, accuracy of baton work, grace of bodywork, projection, smile, eye contact and ability to continue to be an asset to the twirling line will all be considered before naming any to this position.
21) The Band Director or Twirling Sponsor may at anytime or for any reason deny a twirler the opportunity to perform as a member of the line or as featured twirler.
22) Those wishing to be considered as a featured twirler will follow the same requirements as those on the line. The prepared U.I.L. solo should be a routine that displays the extra difficulty and advanced skills necessary for this position.
23) Signed Parent Permission Form should be returned to high school or middle school band hall by 3:45 on Monday, March 20. Candidates may get a copy of this paper from your band director or the twirling sponsor.
24) Go to
and fill this form out before 3:45 on Monday, March 20.
25) Majorettes must be in either the JV or Varsity performing bands to be eligible for majorette auditions. They cannot audition if they are in the Remedial spring band class. Eighth grade majorettes may audition for HS twirling line and if selected will be on a probationary period until they fulfill all band performance requirements which include UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest and the HMS Spring Band Concert.
26) The Band Director will check all disciplinary records, academic records, as well as band staff recommendations before tryouts and this information will be considered when determining rank. Any student may be denied the opportunity to audition due to past poor academic and or disciplinary records. The final decision will be determined by the HS Band Director.

Estimated Expenses and Financial Expectations

➢ An estimated amount for pep rally suit, practice shirts, hose and your part for purchasing a color page for the majorettes in the yearbook is around $300.00. Those needing to order new warm up pants and jacket (same as last year) will owe an estimated additional $100.00. If you need a new twirling bag, it will be an extra $35.00. You will be responsible for getting tan and black jazz shoes on your own. The band purchases boots and field suits for those who are new to the twirling line, so this is not an additional expense for you!! Twirlers are responsible for purchasing your own boots and field suit if additional boots or suit are needed at a later time.
➢ Those selected as HS Twirlers will be required to attend a Summer Twirling Clinic to learn routines for fall. This clinic will be held Monday, June 19 – Thursday, June 22 at Mrs. Keitt’s studio. Please be available at anytime on these four days. Exact times for practices will be decided at a later time. Instruction will be provided by Mrs. Keitt and also guest instructor/instructors. An instruction fee of $75.00 will cover the cost of the Summer Clinic (June 19-22) and weekly practices during football season. This instruction fee will be paid to Paige Keitt.

Important Dates to Remember!!!

• Sunday, February 26 and Sunday, March 19 from 3:00 – 4:00 – All candidates will need to attend both practices. Practices to learn group routine will be held at Paige’s studio.
• Monday, March 20 – Turn in signed Parent Permission Form to middle school or high school band hall by 3:45! HHS Twirler Information 2017/2018 filled out and submitted online by Monday, March 20 by 3:45.
Link -
• Thursday, March 23 – Tryouts at HHS Gym.
• Date to be Announced (April or May) – All twirlers for 2017-2018 must come to a meeting held at Mrs. Keitt’s studio to be measured for uniforms for next year. You will receive your 30 minute block of time to come to this meeting a few days after tryouts. Schedule for payments will be different this year!!
➢ A fee of $45.00 for twirling page in the yearbook and contest fee for VBM at KC in October or November will be due on this day. Those needing to order a new twirling bag will need to add $35 to payment on this day. This payment may be paid with cash or check. Checks must be made out to HISD.
➢ The instruction fee of $75.00 is also due at this time. This fee may be paid with cash or check. Checks must be made out to Paige Keitt.
➢ These payments must be made with two different checks. You cannot combine checks. Thank you!!! ☺
• Team Go Figure – You will have a two week window of time in June to contact Team Go Figure and give them credit card information to pay for your part for practice clothes and pep rally suits. Each twirler must have paid their balance to Team Go Figure by the end of the two-week window or their items will not be placed in production. The twirler will be responsible for contacting TGF and also pay any additional fees if they do not have balance paid by end of two-week period. Twirlers must have correct clothing to perform with the group. Your balance could possibly be between $200 and $300. An exact amount will be given to each twirler as soon as possible.
• Special T’s – Matching shirts will be picked out for the group from Special T’s. Payment will be paid to Special T’s. You can pick up shirts after your balance is paid. Estimated cost could be between $50-$80. This order will be placed in June.
• Monday, June 19-22 – Summer Twirling Camp at Paige’s studio.

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