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Candidates are solely responsible for management of their forms (as well as their completeness) and for adherence to this deadline. The State Office will not be responsible for failure of electronic transmission, mechanical failure, or other technical difficulties.

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NOTICE TO ALL CANDIDATES: If elected, service as an Elected Officer should be one of your top 2 – 3 activities for the following year. Officers are expected to attend all retreats and training activities and to manage their other commitments (work, sports, activities) as secondary to their YIG leadership role. Those who are unwilling or unable to make a high-level commitment are advised to file for an Appointed Official position.

All applicants will be placed on a ballot after preliminary screening by the State Steering Committee. It is important that you carefully assess your own qualifications objectively. The information on the following page may be placed in the Voter’s Guide exactly as written by you or your designated representative. All the information that you provide may be used in capsule summaries for publicity releases and each candidate must sign and swear that the information contained in this filing is true to the best of the candidate's knowledge. Any violation of election rules as distriubted by the YIG State Office will result in disciplinary action, possibly resulting in forfeiture of candidacy.
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