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Please use this form to tell us about any concerns that you have. No matter who you are, whether you're a comedian, promoter, venue staff, audience member (anyone) and you have concerns you think we need to know about, let us know. It may be concerning a particular person, a group of persons or even how we operate. No matter the concern, please tell us.

You are free to send us information anonymously and if you chose to leave your details, we will only share your details with express permission from yourself first and only ever when it is absolutely necessary. 

Our aim is to always provide safe environments for everyone involved with our comedy club. Everyone has the right to be free from harassment, alarm and distress and we want to uphold that principle by making sure that we are doing everything to combat those who wish to ignore those rights.

The information you provide will be used in the first instance, to ensure yours and others safety. We will take action accordingly to ensure this. We will primarily share information with 'Get Off Live Comedy' but we may also notify other parties such as promoters and venues. Again, all personal information that you provide will be kept strictly anonymous and if we do ever need to share your personal information, we won't do so without your express permission first.
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Please tell us, in as much detail as possible, what your concerns are.

Tips: Include any names (perpetrator/witnesses) - time & date/s of incident - location - any previous encounters - similar encounters by others - how it makes you feel - if others are aware - any evidence such as screenshots, messages, videos etc
If you have evidence, you may want to share it with us or we may ask you for it. However, if we added an upload facility to this form it would require you to login. With the aim of keeping this an anonymous method of reporting, if you have evidence and would like for us to have it, please email it to with the strictest of confidence. Alternatively, leave your email address and we will contact you should we need to.
If you have left us your contact details, are you happy for us to contact you should we need more information?
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If you have left us your contact details, do you want to be kept updated on your report?
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If the answer to any of the 2 questions above is 'Yes" what is your preferred method of contact?
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Thank you so much for sharing your information with us. We will deal with this matter with all the seriousness that it deserves. Action will be taken where possible to ensure that the matter is dealt with properly and effectively.

Please use this space to tell us anything else that you feel we may need to know.
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