Scientist Information Questionnaire
This form gathers information to create simple "Scientist Bios" that help students get to know you at the start of the semester.
Name *
Please put your full name with any official titles (Dr., PhD candidate etc)
Job Title *
Employer *
NOAA, NCAR, DMNS, LASP etc. & Department
Phone Number *
Please list the best phone number to reach you during the day. This number will be used primarily to contact you on field trip days to connect you with your team as needed.
Email Address *
Mailing Address *
Work addresses please
Lab Location *
Many research institutions have multiple lab locations. For example, at CU are you on the main campus or east campus? INSTARR or Benson? NCAR Foothills or NCAR Mesa? Details are very helpful for coordinating field trip logistics.
Scheduling Notes *
Occasionally EE Scientists have a lecture or meeting that overlaps a field trip. Please let me know 1) When that time is and during which day(s) 2) Your plan for covering that gap (ex: "my grad student _____ will join for just that day/gap as a sub" or "my grad student _____ will be with us for all interactions with the students and we'll work together as a team for the semester" or "I don't have a concrete plan and would like some help")
Scheduling Notes - Co-Scientist/Sub Name and Contact Details *
If you already know the grad student or co-scientist who will be working with you during this semester please let me know their name, phone number and email address.
Scientist Bio Information
This information will be used in creating a "Scientist Biography Page" for the students. Please make sure that your language in writing in this section is appropriate for a middle school level audience. Only a few sentences are required. Please contact Carolyn if you have any questions about this section or would like a sample from a past semester.
Biography Paragraph *
This paragraph explains to the students who you are as a person. Things to include here: Where are you from? How did you get interested in science? What was your favorite subject in school when you were in 7th or 8th grade? Favorite sport? Where did you go to college? What are some of your favorite things to do when you're not doing research?
Simple Research Explanation *
This paragraph explains to the students what type of research you do. This will be their first introduction to your area of research so simple, clear language suitable for a basic audience of middle school level students is appreciated. This paragraph will be your team's jumping off point for the start of their own research into what you study.
Links to Student Friendly Research Tools *
Include here a few links to either your own personal research site or suggested links for students to start their research. Kid friendly resources are appreciated.
In one simple sentence describe the research or work that you do:
Photos *
For The Scientist Biography Page you will need to email about 4 or 5 photos directly to Carolyn. One photo should be a portrait/head shot of your face and the others should be either you in action doing research or photos of what you study.
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