THCC 2023 Volunteer Application
Thank you for applying to Volunteer at The Homie Collective Campout.  We call our volunteers "HOMIE SAPIENS" and our motto is "Homies Helping Homies".  We are looking for dedicated applicants who can represent The Homie Collective with a smile :)  We will be conducting interviews with selected candidates for 2023 to make the volunteer dream team.

Volunteers are expected to work a minimum of 2 6-hour shifts, totaling 12 hours of volunteer work.  Rather than a cash deposit, volunteers will be required to provide their ID to the Volunteer Coordinator upon entry and will receive it back after both scheduled shifts are completed.  Volunteers are expected to maintain sobriety and professionalism during shifts.  Your volunteer t-shirt must be worn during shifts and may not be worn off shift during the event.  Volunteers will be required to camp together at "Volly Village".  Keep in mind, some volunteer shifts will be before and after the event dates, such as cleanup.  You will be able to sign up for scheduled shifts closer to the event.

Please note that this application does not guarantee you a spot at THCC.

The Homie Collective Campout is August 24-27 at Franklin County Fairground 89 Wisdom Way Greenfield MA
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Thank you for applying to be a HOMIE SAPIEN volunteer at The Homie Collective Campout 2023!  Your dedication will manifest into a tangible experience we can all enjoy.  We couldn't do this without you.
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