Call for Volunteers: Help Rebuild Ethnic Village in Langtang
WHEN: May 5-14, 2019

WHAT: Led by Girls Empowered by Travel, 10 skilled volunteers from around the world will trek to the Gre village for 2 weeks to fulfill the following:

1) Help BUILD the infrastructure necessary to support tourism:
- Many homestays are newly-constructed or still in the works and need solar showers, toilets, hand-washing stations, hygiene facilities, etc.
- Develop a curriculum of ‘English for Hospitality’, tailored for Gre villagers (Bonus opportunity to help local school teachers refine English language curriculum at village school!)

2) Help ESTABLISH safe, sustainable business practices for the benefit of all:
- Teach and importance of hygiene and hygienic cooking;
- Encourage sustainable approaches and eco-tourism and work with local entrepreneurs to create a plan together;
- Address issues of culture shock, customer service, and conflict resolution;
- Educate entrepreneurs about the legal requirements and government benefits of running homestays in Nepal (to be led in partnership with qualified Nepali staff);

3) Help ATTRACT travelers to introduce this emerging destination to the world:
- Collaborate with locals to create a sustainable marketing strategy;
- Teach social media marketing basics and boost technical literacy overall;
- Put Gre village on the map (quite literally) and spread the word through PR and outreach to influencers;

"Be the change that you wish see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

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