2019 Flag Invitation Tournament Entry Form
This form is for NZAFF Associations/Clubs and any other interested group to enter the 2019 Wellington Flag Football Tournament.

Membership of NZAFF is not a prerequisite of entering a team in the Tournament.

Please fill out one entry per team.

The dates are confirmed as the 22, 23, 24 March 2019.

Entries will close on the 16th February.

Entries need to be accompanied by the Entry Fee of $550 which will be required by the closing date for entries.
If the entry fee is not paid the team will not be entered.

Name of your team. *
Your Name. *
Your email Address *
Your contact phone number *
Affiliation *
For our interest can you describe the make up of your team in terms of belonging to an NZAFF affiliated Club
Officials *
As outlined in the invitation to the event, your team will need to do officiating duty. As part of that you may need to provide a White Cap. Can you please name the person in your team that will do that officiating role.
Code of Conduct Confirmation *
NZAFF require that all teams, team members, coaches and team management adhere to the Codes of Conduct as found on the NZAFF web site under About Us/Federation Documents/Public Files.../Codes of Conduct. In entering this team the Manager (as above) undertakes to be responsible for all participants adhering to the Codes of Conduct. Team entries will not be accepted without a person being responsible for the conduct of participants.
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