Conejos County Retail Sales Tax Survey
Conejos County will be proposing a retail sales tax. We are requesting your feedback to help us in preserving the sustainability of services within our county. Currently, Conejos County does not collect a retail sales tax.

Survey will remain open throughout the month of June. This survey is for gathering information for county purposes only. All answers will be anonymous.
Are you a resident of Conejos County?
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Help us in determining which age group you represent.
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Would you support a county wide retail sales tax?
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If no, help us understand why.
If yes, help us in determining which rate you feel most comfortable with?
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If approved, where do think this money should go to?
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What can the county do to help you understand the importance of a retail sale tax?
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In your opinion, what would make Conejos County an even better place to live?
To find out more information about Conejos County please visit our County Website. This survey has been created by the Citizens for a Better Conejos County Committee
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