TCFL Strategic Planning Survey
Talbot County Free Library is seeking input from library users and residents of Talbot County, Maryland to assist us in our strategic planning process. Specifically, we want to know about community needs that we could help meet, as well as what you hope to see our library doing as we move into the future together.
Do you have a library card?
On average, how often do you visit the library?
Which library branch(es) do you typically visit? Check all that apply.
If you don't use the library regularly, why not?
How do you (or would you like to) find out about library news and programs? Check all that apply.
How important is each of the following library services to you and your family?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Don't Know
Information Desk Help (assistance from librarians)
Help using computers, printers, etc.
Borrowing materials (books, DVDs, audio books, science backpacks, etc.)
Newspapers and magazines
Programs (discussions, story times, etc.)
Online services (website, catalog, databases, ebooks, etc.)
Borrowing from other libraries (Inter-library loan)
Computers and printers
Internet access
Photocopier / scanner
Study rooms / reading areas
Community meeting rooms
Maryland Room (historical documents, genealogy, etc.)
Overall, how important is the library to you and your family?
Please let us know which of the services above is the MOST important to you and your family, and why. Are there any improvements that you would like to see made to the services listed above?
Your answer
What do you like best about the Talbot County Free Library as it is now?
Your answer
How has the library benefited you, your family, and/or the community?
Your answer
If you could change or improve one thing about the library, what would it be?
Your answer
What current or emerging community need(s) might the library be able to help meet?
Your answer
What service(s), feature(s), program(s) and/or technology would you like to see added to our library's offerings? If this is something you've seen offered in another library or business, please share any relevant details.
Your answer
If we needed to cut back in some area in order to expand services in a new direction, is there something you'd suggest we consider giving up or scaling back?
Your answer
What kinds of programming would you or a family member like to participate in at the library?
The Talbot County Free Library is in the process of planning for the St. Michaels Library renovation and expansion project. What improvements to this library branch do you feel would most benefit the community? (Check up to 3 items)
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