Application for the FIG2020 Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration pre-event, Saturday, May 9, 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dear country representatives, stakeholders in land administration projects, surveying colleagues, lawyers, notaries and private sector!

Since the publication of the Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration in the FIG Publication No. 60 six years have been passed.

It can be said that global institutions as World Bank and UN organisations and many national governments are convinced that this is the way ahead. The approach is embraced and applied by many countries, stakeholders such as NGO, CSO, surveying colleagues, lawyers, notaries and the private sector. But it can not yet been said that Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration is surrounded by full agreement on its implementation. There is misunderstanding and discussion. We are of the opinion that bridges need to be further built to enable an informed and respectful discussion.

FIG President Rudolf Staiger said in Hanoi that we have a role and responsibility as profession: ….if we “the surveying + geospatial”-community are not participating …. it will happen without us…. And we are aware that the 2030 Agenda with its Sustainable Development Goals calls for tenure security for all. It is important that we offer a platform for stakeholders and a link between stakeholders. It is important that we build the capacity for new adapted approaches.

That’s why we organise a FIG2020 Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration pre-event. This will be held on Saturday, May 9, 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is organised by ITC and Kadaster on behalf of FIG and we would like to welcome you to play a role in these developments.

Please fill in this application and please let us know your motivation for joining or your experience (positive or less positive) on a Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration approach in practise. We will use your motivation and experience as a basis for a decision on your participation and a decision on compensation of your full registration costs for the FIG 2020 Working Week in Amsterdam!

If you have any questions, please send a message to
Please note that this is just an application for the FIG Working Week 2020 Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration pre-event - this is not a registration! You will be informed by us about your participation.
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