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                                                BCH National Workshop, Angola, June 22-24, 2021
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You need to be a registered user to access information on the BCH Central Portal
Compiled lists of information on National Contacts can be downloaded on the BCH
Full text of scientific papers can be downloaded from the Biosafety Information Resource Centre (BIRC)
Users with no Internet access or poor Internet connectivity can complete Common formats in MS Word and submit them, duly signed, to the Secretariat for off-line registration in the BCH
Each LMO has at least two Unique Identifiers on the BCH Central Portal?
All registered users may submit information to the BCH within the restrictions applied to their roles
BCH is not established to assist countries to Implement the Protocol
BCH national focal points (BCH-NFPs) may register all types of BCH records
Reference Records are validated and published on BCH by BCH-NFP
National Records are not subject to validation by BCH NFP prior being available to public
A Party cannot register a Reference record on the BCH
The Advanced Informed Agreement will be applied for transboundary movement of an LMO destined for confined use.
The BCH holds confidential information that can be accessed through the Management Center
The BCH can contain information about the National Biosafety Framework both for Parties and non-Parties to the Cartagena Protocol
The Cartagena Protocol is an international agreement to facilitate trade in Living Modified organisms
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Information received about this workshop
The topic matter in the agenda of this Workshop
The time allocated to the sections
Opportunity given to participate in discussing topics
Access to training material (computer, hand-outs, training aids, etc.)
Presentation on Cartagena Protocol and the BCH
Presentations on Finding Information on BCH
Presentations on Registering Information on BCH
Presentations on training tools and materials
The case studies
The group works
The general performance of lecturers
How useful are the following parts of the Workshop for your routine tasks
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Finding Information on BCH
Registering Information on BCH
Case studies
Explanations on Common Formats
How often do you register BCH-related information on the BCH?
How do you find the process of registering information on the BCH?
How do you find the process of finding information on the BCH?
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