New Roots & COVID-19
Amidst the concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak, our team is reaching out to the community to develop the best practices for food safety and produce delivery. Everyone needs to eat, and we feel that New Roots for Refugees, and our network of over 20 graduate farmers, can play a crucial role in feeding our community during this time.

In this survey we would like you to express your ideas and concerns regarding your food access directly to the New Roots staff. We appreciate any contribution and are thankful for your willingness to be flexible! We will provide updates soon and will continue with our Farm Share Spring Green season starting April 9th.
Have you already purchased a Farm Share for 2020?
How concerned are you about COVID-19 affecting your ability to receive your Farm Share or access fresh produce this summer?
Not Concerned
Very Concerned
What are your primary concerns?
If an alternative is offered, I would prefer to receive my Farm Share by
I am willing to pay an extra fee for home delivery
Our team is opening an online Farm Store to provide more vegetables to our customers. Online vegetable orders would be available at central locations for curbside pickup, or for home delivery at an extra cost. Are you interested in using our online store as an alternative to the grocery store or farmers market?
Do you have suggestions for locations, neighborhoods, organizations that might be interested in either the Farm Share or online orders and deliveries?
Your answer
Do you have any other concerns or ideas you haven’t mentioned? This survey is anonymous but you are welcome to leave your name and contact info to get in contact with our staff.
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