Intranet Now 4th Oct 2019: Speaker pitch
Please let us know your idea for a 9 minute lightning talk. You can ask for longer if you have a case study that warrants more time.

Everything should relate to the intranet, digital workplace and / or improving the way organisations collaborate.

Specifically, your talk should be about the strategic value of the intranet / digital workplace. We will challenge you to express how and why your talk demonstrates 'strategic' thinking.

Yes, we will reimburse you for expenses, and of course you get a ticket for free (it would be so awks to charge speakers. Weird.). We ask that you check with us if you imagine your total expenses will be above £100.

For details, visit

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Before you begin...
If and when your pitch is successful, we will need from you ASAP:

— a brilliant head-shot - showing your head at at least 500px wide;
— your 100-word bio;
— your talk's exact title (or a couple of options);
— a 'ready-to-publish' 35-word synopsis of your talk for our agenda.

Please consider this now - as we'll then need a more detailed outline, and your slides in plenty of time (by mid-September) for us to review and make sure everything is as it should be. We want to respect your time - and hope you'll respect ours, too!

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