Further Confusion 2021 DJ Auditions
Hi there! Thank's for your Interest in DJing for Further Confusion 2021 in January.

I'll keep this short ^_^. This year has been a trying one for us all - we've had to grow & adapt to new ways of doing things during a global pandemic that has left many of us in difficult positions with how to move forwards. In the absence of our usual 'Physical' convention this coming January, I'm really excited for the potential an Online Convention has to offer!

Those of you who have never attended or DJ'd at Further Confusion because of travel or financial reasons, who feel under-represented, or "too new", or who thought your music might not be the right fit? I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! One of those changes is how we reach our audience - because our event is online this year, the submission process & how we take the "stage" will be a bit different.

Further Confusion 2021 will be held online, January 15th - 18th.

Nov 16 - Submissions are OPEN
Dec 17 - Submissions are CLOSED

1) Please prepare a 1 hour Audition Mix.
2) Upload your Audition Mix to a file sharing site such as SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Dropbox, or similar, or contact our Dance Lead and submit the file directly to him. (email address listed below).

- Please submit a demo that represents what you intend to play at our event.

- The demo you submit here should be a video, and will be played back during our dances alongside our Live-Stream DJs. We would love for you to be online during your set - but because we are expecting DJs from all around the world, we understand if time zones make that difficult. ^_^

** Please refer to the following overlay template, and be aware this might change moving forwards. **

Thank you again for your interest, and good luck!

FC Dance Lead

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the following email address:
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We encourage you to bring something new to our dances we haven't heard before!
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If your Audition Mix is online (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Dropbox, or a similar website) - please link to it below. Alternatively, contact our Dance Lead and submit the file directly via E-Mail:
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