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Audio Under the Stars is back! North Carolina’s favorite audio garden party is gearing up for its fourth season, and we’re looking for your stories. Here are our themes for 2017:

Metamorphosis: Tales of Transformation and Change
We're looking for stories of change in individuals, families, societies and nature. Think big OR small: Coming of age transformations, local stories of gentrification, national upheavals, or the impacts of global warming. Change can bring new energy and inspirations; it can also come at a cost. We're looking for a mix of funny, thoughtful and poignant stories to illustrate how humans cope with the only certain uncertainty in life.

Skin and Bones: Life, Death, and Everything in Between
We're looking for stories of the frailties and strengths of the human body, and how we handle sickness and health. Also, this theme could encompass life's milestones along the journey: becoming a parent, losing a love, birthdays, weddings, funerals, and more.

From little white lies to national scandals, we want tales of skullduggery and deceit. Some lies are told for personal gain, others for protection. Are there times when honesty is NOT the best policy? We want all manner of stories about people, places and things that are not what they first appear.

Wild animals, wild places, wild adventures. Think man versus beast, the allure of the unknown, the ways we negotiate the natural world, and humanity’s struggle to find a place within it. This could also include stories of rebellion, lawlessness, and upheaval, moments when one’s inner wildness is released, as well as the battle to keep it in check.

The ideal pieces are short and sweet, 2-8 minutes. We’ll occasionally consider pieces as long as 15 minutes, but nothing longer.

We love sound-rich stories that make us think, make us laugh, and take us to places near and far. We especially love pieces based in Durham, in North Carolina, or made by local radio producers. Got questions? Email us at

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