Duchesne House: Spring 2018 Offerings
Duchesne House in New Orleans was begun as a response of the Society of the Sacred Heart to the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The need to rebuild is still very present, not just from Katrina, but from the more recent floods and tornado. But there are other storms that invite us to respond: The storm of race relations in our country. The storm of the degradation of our planet’s resources which support all of us. The storm of how our faith life can converse with science and politics. The storm of women’s role in society. What would Philippine do today, in a House named for her?

An opportunity for Sacred Heart alums and Associates to come together at Duchesne House and renew their commitment to the Goals of Sacred Heart education and the calls of the Chapter through a mini retreat/ sharing/ immersion experience.

March 2-5, 2018 (Friday through Monday): Integrity of Creation (Water, Climate, Pollution, etc.)
RSVP by February 16, 2018
April 12-16, 2018 (Thursday through Monday): Race, Poverty and Culture conversations
RSVP by March 26, 2018
May 24-29, 2018 (Thursday-Tuesday): Goals of the Sacred Heart in a time of distrust
RSVP by May 7, 2018

We live simply here. We can house 11 participants in three dorms and no one would have to sleep on the upper bunk! We can sleep 17 if we used the upper bunks. We have this wonderfully long dining room table for great discussions. We build community through cooking for ourselves and, sometimes, going out. We have quiet and conversation and we ask questions that take us deeper into the rooted call of the Goals. We’d love to connect with you at this level, so consider this an invitation into our ministry and lives. Each program will have time for silence, reflection, prayer.

Depending on the numbers we can transport everyone to places we might visit in two cars, or we may have to rent another car. Some places we might visit have entry fees, but some we can get a group in for free. We ask a donation of $25 a night plus food costs, but we are more interested in this happening than raising money, so please don’t let that put you off. Click or visit Duchesne House at www.duchesnehouse.org to access our website and learn more about our ministry.

Please let us know of your interest and RSVP by the dates noted above by providing the following information.

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