Sanctuary DMV Accompaniment Project (Volunteer)
There have been several cases of migrants being detained after going for a routine ICE check-in. They literally disappear without being allowed to inform their friends or relatives, creating panic among their loved ones.

By volunteering to accompany migrants to ICE check-ins, immigration, and other court hearings, you are showing solidarity and helping to ease the anxiety of interacting with the legal system, reducing the likelihood of detention with your presence, and - if the person with you is detained - keeping relatives or lawyers informed and potentially activating deportation defense actions that Sanctuary DMV and our partners can take. All this will be a huge help to efforts to find ways to stop the actual deportation.

ICE check-ins are at ICE field offices in Fairfax (for migrants living in VA or DC) or Baltimore (for those living in MD). Immigration courts are in Arlington (highly metro-accessible) and Baltimore. Appointments will be during working hours on weekdays, except some court appointments may be on Saturdays. In many cases waiting times are quite long, so you may need to block off several hours or an entire day.

Language skills other than English, and access to a car, are useful but by no means necessary.

Before you can accompany someone, you'll need to do a training on what to expect, roles & responsibilities, etc. If you have not yet been trained, you'll be added to a listserv after you fill out this form that we use to announce when trainings will take place. Our next training has not yet been scheduled but we generally hold trainings every 2-3 months.

Thank you for your interest!

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