KCON 2019 NY - Exhibitor Application
KCON NY is looking for exhibitors for Marketplace and Beauty! If you're interested in participating, please APPLY HERE NOW!

KCON New York
July 6-7, 2019

Sub-leasing or sharing booths is prohibited.

Submitting an application does NOT guarantee a booth. A KCON staff member will contact you with your application status.

Questions? Please contact Candy Yi at cyi@kcmagency.com or call KCM Agency (323-930-0716).

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If available, please provide booth photos from past events that clearly show booth signage and setup via a direct link (or email to Candy Yi at cyi@kcmagency.com).
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Returning Marketplace exhibitors receive a 10% discount
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If you are interested in registering for more than one type of booth, please complete a separate application form for each booth. For example, if you are interested in registering for a Beauty booth and a Marketplace booth, please submit two separate applications. Pricing listed below is per 10'x10' booth space. Apply and complete registration by May 20, 2019 for the early-bird discount. ONLY PREMIUM BOOTHS MAY CONDUCT MEET & GREETS, AND ALL MEET & GREETS MUST BE SUBMITTED AND APPROVED BY STAFF BY THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2019.
What size booth space are you interested in? *
Marketplace Exhibitors purchasing booth spaces that are 10'x20' or larger will receive a 5% Multi-Booth discount. Returning Marketplace exhibitors, who participated in KCON NY 2018, will receive an additional 10% discount. If you are interested in a booth space larger than 10'x40', please select OTHER and type in the desired size of the booth space.
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