Student Engagement Agreement
Students, please take some time to read through this agreement. It has been written to clearly define the expectations that we have of you as Michigan Online School Students. Although some of the questions may seem familiar from past conversations, we want to make sure that you understand the seriousness of each point, and how important each is to your success in school, particularly at Michigan Online School. Please agree to all terms, sign ( type) your name, and submit. Thank you!
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I agree to log into and work in each class at least 5 days per week, and I understand that I am expected to be working online a minimum of 6 hours per week, per course ( this includes online and offline assignments) *
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I agree to ask my teacher(s) questions directly and immediately, if I do not understand instructions or due dates for an assignment. *
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I agree to be responsible for keeping up with when assignments are due and submitting them on time or before they are due. *
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I understand that technical problems related to computer connections or equipment cannot be used as an excuse for failure to complete assignments or to participate online. If I am having significant internet or computer issues, I will contact my coach and teachers to inform them immediately. I will make all attempts to resolve the issue to the best of my abilities, including seeking alternate internet connections when reasonably possible, IF IT IS DEEMED SAFE. *
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I understand that if I experience technical problems with the coursework, that I must notify my instructor immediately. *
PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTED! Plagiarism is copying or using ideas or words (from another person or classmate, the Internet, or other print source) and representing them as your own. If an instructor confirms that a student has plagiarized work in any manner, the students will be subject to consequences determined by MOS Administration and may be removed from the course with a failing grade. *
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I agree to attend Live Lessons if I am failing a course. They will help me to better understand the course material and provide academic support. *
I agree to check in with my Success Coach AT LEAST once per month. I will also return my Success Coach's phone calls/texts/ emails in a timely manner. *
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I agree to be responsible for abiding by MOS policies as explained to me in the MOS Student Handbook.
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