Welcome to the Fort Thomas Education Foundation Teacher Grant Program! Spring 2019
All grants must be submitted by JANUARY 25TH, 2019 to be considered for funding this year. Please review your application with your principal, and if necessary, SBDM council, prior to submitting your application to FTEF. All questions are required. Thank you for your submission!

By submitting your completed application, you are agreeing to allow the Fort Thomas Education Foundation the right to use this proposal and the results of this project, if funded, for public information purposes or to help educate others.

For details on the Teacher Grant Process, please refer to the Grant Process Information document: http://www.fortthomas.kyschools.us/userfiles/92/my%20files/employee%20links/ftef%20teacher%20grant%20process.pdf?id=7670

To View the Grant Application in Word. You can find the link under Other Important Links.
Name(s) of person/people submitting grant request: *
Department/Subject Area:
Grant Item:
Grant Amount:
Brief Description: Please provide a 1-2 sentence overview of your grant request.
What classroom/student need, problem, or opportunity does this project address?
Is this a new initiative or an expansion of an existing project?
Is this an after-school or summer enrichment program?
Approximately how many students will be affected by this project?
Have you applied for funding through other channels (example, PTO) before submitting request to the Foundation?
Is this item/program a "One-time" event/request, or will additional, on-going funding be necessary?
If on-going, how will it be funded in future years?
Project Description
What is the goal of this project? Please include specific desired outcomes.
Describe the steps you will take to reach your goal: What will be done, who will do it, what resources will be required, when and where project activities will take place. Include an implementation schedule conforming to the school year.
Who will be involved in this project (please specify teachers, administrators, and/or central office staff)? What are their responsibilities?
Describe specific means of evaluation for each objective as well as the goal of the project. How can measured outcomes be shared?
Please provide a detailed budget for your project, including materials and equipment needed, sources, and cost. If your request includes an amount for stipends or ESS compensation for certified staff, include it here.
Will you consider accepting a partial grant if full funding is unavailable?
If yes, how will you supplement or scale back the project?
Will you be using additional materials, labor, or funding for this project? If so, describe (examples: donations, volunteer labor, other grants, PTO assistance, school funds). Please attach documentation of your additional funding source if this is part of a matching grant.
Will the project require faculty/staff to work beyond the normal workday? If so, will they be paid for this time?
Thank you for your submission to the FTEF Annual Teacher Grant Program! Our goal is to work with the district to fund as many grants as possible. We will notify you of your Grant funding in the Spring. If you have questions, please respond below or call us at 859 815 2004.
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