Solo Jazz/20s Charleston Video Series
At Jazz Inc, we have always tried to give our students tools for them to have a framework to learning and becoming better dancers. It is never just about being the steps, but about how we learn, why we learn - to become more aware of our bodies and the presence of an other whom we are dancing with, and about relationships - with each other, with the steps, with the history, and with the music.

We have always tried to give individual comments to students to help them become dancers, and we often talk about deep structures to facilitate learning through seeing patterns, in addition to talking about the history of the steps where relevant.

We have decided against live group classes because, in addition to possible bandwidth/syncing problems, we feel that it is counter-productive to try and simulate the physicality of a studio class online through a screen, and that would also be difficult for us to look at you dancing on the screen.

Here’s the format for our video classes:

1. Videos will be released on the evening of the day of the class, for you to access, and learn at your own pace and time.

2. Each class will consist of approximately 15-30mins of video instructional time, depending on the week with breakdown of the steps, along with the transition between steps, and a sectional recap. If you need to look at the steps/transition/section again, simply go back

3. Students will be part of a WhatsApp group where the student can attempt to clarify parts they are unsure of and the teacher will respond when appropriate

5. Each student will then submit the video homework for the class (usually the segment of the routine), whereby the teacher will review and comment. We suggest you do this before the next class, so that we can all proceed. This gives a better sense of accountability and facilitates learning. But if you can't no worries, video when you can.

6. The teacher will also clarify certain parts of the routine or previous class based on the videos received. We will do live streaming meetups if the need arises to address issues or to practice together.

Available Courses:

Solo Jazz Fundamentals (10 videos, 3hrs of material): covering basic to advanced moves, along with concepts and learning how to put steps together meaningfully, as well as learning combos and a choreography

In There (5 videos): a choreography, with Tatiana Udry Macedo (France) & Sinclair Ang (Singapore)

The Big Apple Contest: An Apple a Day (38 x 1min videos)

Frankie Doo (Frankie’s Tranky Doo) Routine (3 videos - 2 for choreography and 1 for variations/styling)

Al & Leon Shim sham (2 videos), comes with "original" Shim Sham w/variations (1 video)

1920s Charleston Routine I by Denise Lwin: Wa Wa Wa by The Bridgetown (2 videos)

1920s Charleston Routine II by Denise Lwin: We Cats Will Swing for You by The Cats and The Fiddle (5 videos)

You may join these courses at any time, and you can then send your video "homework" for feedback at your own pace should you decide to take up that option

Stay safe, healthy, home and keep swingin!
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