Seattle AmeriCorps Collaborative Executive Board Application
The Seattle AmeriCorps Collaborative (SAC) strives to enhance each member’s service year by encouraging and enabling members and teams to share connections and resources, and create social and professional opportunities. Volunteer board members serve a year-long board term to bring leadership and support to the SAC community and enhance the AmeriCorps member experience in Seattle.

Positions Available (Fall 2018):
1. Secretary
2. Communications Chair
3. Housing Chair

1. Responsibilities (Secretary):
-Keep detailed notes of SAC Meetings and Board Retreat
-Assist with strategic planning/decision planning
-Send monthly updates with SAC Newsletter
-Maintain/organize the SAC Google Drive
-Maintain/organize the CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) Database

2. Responsibilities (Communications Chair):
- Maintain regular schedule of postings on Twitter, Facebook, and Blog/Website
-Maintain and edit website as needed (wordpress)
-Respond to questions sent to website inquiry email channel
-Create events on Facebook for our social gatherings
-Provide insight to the board on other forms of communication or suggestions/changes/ideas

3. Responsibilities (Housing Chair)
-Outreach to potential landlords to acquire information on their potential housing options
-Post regular housing options for members on the facebook group
-Ensure all posts are tagged with #SACHousing to make them easier for members to find
-Work with our fiscal sponsor to develop housing tool for future AmeriCorps members

Other experience desired:
-Attention to detail, organized
-Strong communication skills
-Database management experience preferred
- Ability to work individually and as a team; ability to delegate and request help from team*
- Familiar with Google Suite applications and Microsoft programs
- Community outreach/monetary and in-kind gift solicitation
- Passion and dedication to support AmeriCorps members

- Currently serving in AmeriCorps term or AmeriCorps alumni*
- Living in Greater Seattle area through the 2018 calendar year*
- Able to meet in Seattle metro area 1-2 times per month outside of regular work hours
- Access to computer and internet
- Available to attend and support SAC Career Fair (Spring) and SAC Stipend Life Event (Fall)

- Attend Board meetings once a month (may be available by phone/Skype)*
- Communicate regularly with team regarding task completion, maintain open communication channels*
- Engage actively in board meetings and take ownership over individual tasks as needed*
- Attend SAC events when possible, and share SAC events with currently serving AmeriCorps members*

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