Parnassus Books School Visit Request
Parnassus Books hosts many children’s book authors and illustrators each year, and we often have the opportunity to arrange for them to visit local schools to speak to students. Below you’ll find information about what to expect from a Parnassus-arranged author visit. If your school is interested in being considered for a visit from an author or illustrator, please fill out this form. If you have any questions about the form or school visits in general, please email Parnassus Manager of Books for Young Readers Stephanie Appell at

What To Expect From A Parnassus-Arranged School Visit

Before the visit, Parnassus Books will:
- Email an order form to your school’s designated contact person.
- Communicate the author’s A/V needs for their presentation, along with any other requirements/preferences.
- Notify the school as soon as possible if the author/illustrator’s availability changes and the visit must be rescheduled or canceled.

Before the visit, your school will:
- Print and send home with students the order forms for the visit.
- Promote the author/illustrator to the school community of teachers, students, parents, volunteers, and other supporters.
- Familiarize students with the author/illustrator’s work.
- Collect order forms, along with cash and check payments, by the deadline specified on the form and return to Parnassus Books no later than 2 days before the visit.

On the day of the visit, Parnassus Books will:
- Send someone to accompany the author/illustrator at the school.
- Facilitate the signing of pre-ordered books and deliver them to the school as soon as possible. Please note that delivery may take place after the author’s presentation.

On the day of the visit, your school will:
- Have a representative available to accompany and introduce the author/illustrator at their presentation.
- Provide requested A/V equipment and other items as requested by the author/illustrator.
- Provide water for the author.
- Help maintain an attentive, orderly crowd during the presentation.

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Author and illustrator visits offered by Parnassus Books are typically free of charge. When schools arrange these visits directly with authors and publishers, speaking and booking fees can run as much as thousands of dollars. However, Parnassus requires that the opportunity to purchase autographed copies of the author/illustrator's books be promoted to the students, parents, and teachers attending the visit. Strong book sales are one of the most important ways that publishers measure the success of a school visit. How would you promote and encourage book sales as part of a successful author visit? *
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Parnassus can arrange book sales at this school in several ways. In your estimation, which of the below methods would result in the strongest sales to students and parents at this school? Check all that apply. *
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