Application Form of the K-FOOD Cooking Class (hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government)
[Cooking Ingredients on June-July]
1. Tofu Kimchi-mari Noodle
kimchi, vinegar, sugar, noodles, tofu, cucumber, pepper, spring onion, Korean pear, egg, etc.
2. Bite-sized Boiled Pork
Pork, romaine lettuce, cabbage, ssamjang paste, pepper, spring onion, garlic

※ Fee of Food Ingredient : KRW 20,000/person (You can pay the fee at the Cooking Studio in cash only - KRW)
※ The ingredients include meat, eggs, and dairy products in general. Please check the menu and cooking ingredients on the schedule specified in the application form. Individual discretion is required for allergies and other health implications against certain ingredients.
※ For SAFETY, no admission a children, less 14 years old without a parent/guardian.
It is because of dangerous circumstances at Cooking Studio such as using a knife and stove.
※ Cooking Class for Vegetarians is open regularly every other month.

How to apply
1. Fill in registration : site opens 3-4 weeks prior to date of actual program.
2. Get Confirmation Email Obtain email 5-7 days before the program is held.
3. Send Reply Email back to Hallyu Office should answer at least 2-3 days prior to the program
4. Application is finalized (*No-show participants can be limited to join)

※ Submitted information will be confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party.
※ 若未持有可識別身份的證件,可能無法入場。
※ ご提出された個人情報は秘密を保持し、第3者には開示されません。

프로그램 참가 희망일 / Desired date of participation / 希望參加日期 / プログラム参加希望日 *
※ You cannot multiple select. (Only 1 Tour)
이름 / Given Name(as in passport) / 名 / 氏名 *
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성 / Family Name(as in passport) / 姓 / 姓 *
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국적 / Nationality / 國籍 / 國籍 *
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현재 거주지 / Country of current residence / 居住地 / 現在の居住地 *
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성별 / Gender / 性别 / 性別 *
이메일 주소 / E-mail Address / 郵箱 /メールアドレス *
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한국 체류 중 연락처 / Contact number in Korea / 在韓國聯系方式 / 韓国滞在中の連絡先 *
휴대전화 번호, Line ID, 페이스북 메신저 ID 등 / cellphone Number, LINE ID, Facebook messenger ID etc. / 手机号码, LINE ID, Facebook messenger 此外 / 携帯電話番号, LINE ID, Facebook Messenger IDその他
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생년월일 / Date of Birth / 生日 / 生年月日 *
직업 / Occupation / 職業 / 職業 *
동반자 유무 / Designated companion / 是否有同伴 / パートナー有無 *
동반자는 1인까지 참석 가능 / Participation of one companion is allowed / 同伴人數僅限壹人 / パートナーはお1人様まで参加可能
동반자 이름 / Name of the companion / 同伴人的姓名 / パートナー氏名 *
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한국 방문 목적 / Purpose of visit to Korea / 訪韓目的 / 訪韓目的 *
한국 체류 기간 / Period of stay in Korea / 在韓居留期間 / 韓国滞在期間
Please enter specific dates : From ~ to (0000年 00月 00日 ~ 0000年 00月 00日)
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프로그램 참가 동기(자유의견) / Motivation for participation in the K-FOOD Cooking Class (Please elaborate) / K-FOOD Cooking Class慘加動機(自由敘述) / K-FOOD Cooking Classへの参加理由(自由にご記入下さい。) *
Please note that the more detailed your application is, the better your chances of being chosen to participate./ 詳細填寫將提高活動參與機會/ 填寫越詳細,越有機會獲得慘加資格。/ 詳しく記載するとプログラムに参加できる確率が上がります。
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