TN Homesteader Group BERRY/PLANT ORDER FORM {delivery beginning 4/9}
Bareroot plants, Seedlings, Plugs,[Elder cuttings]


Possibly also:
Aronia,persimmon,pawpaw,muscadine and others... please make your requests!

These berry small plants are berry affordable.
plant a few more for future transplanting and accept some might get grazed or trampled etc..

Pleasecomplete this survey as "Order Form".

Last time around we provided plants to 70 or more individuals and may have lost money; This time around there's a $3 participation fee which will help in covering any additional expenses.

Please Order generously so we're able to make this pricing work for all of us!


$90- Berry Pack:
50 strawberries(25/25June/ever)
8- Blueberries [bare root]
5- blackberries [bare root]
5- red raspberries [bare root]

$55- Berry Pack
25 strawberries [bare root]
3 blueberry plants [bare root]
3 blackberry plants [bare root]
3 red raspberry [bare root]

$140- Berry Pack
100- strawberries [bare root]
(50/50 ever/June)
12 blueberries [bare root]
8 blackberries [bare root]
8 red raspberries [bare root]

$11- 25 Strawberries [bare root]
$29- 100 strawberries [bare root]
$20- 5x goji babies [plug]
$10- 10x asparagus [bare root crown]
- 100 asparagus
$24- 5 female kiwi, 2male [plugs]
$11- 10x asparagus,
[clay, bareroot crowns]
$11- 10x asparagus
[purple, bareroot crowns]
$55- 5x ElderBerry, [bare root]
$18- 5x ElderBerry, [cutting]
$24- 5x BlackBerry
[primacane, thornless bareroot]
$24- 5x Blueberries [bare root]


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