Causes of the American Revolution Test - Part 2
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1. The main cause of the American Revolution could BEST be described by which of the following quotes? *
2. Which of the follow best explains how the Stamp Act would have effected the American colonists? *
3. Which of the follow best explains how American patriots reacted to the Stamp Act? *
4. How to the American boycott of all British goods convince England to repeal the Stamp Act? *
5. Choose the reason why participating in a civic group such as the Sons of Liberty is important to your community. *
6. Which of the famous Americans below was the leader of the Sons of Liberty? *
7. Decide of the following BEST describes the Townshend Acts? *
The Boston Massacre
8. Analyze the two pictures of the Boston Massacre above. Choose which picture was created from the point of view of the Son’s of Liberty *
9. After the Boston Massacre, the Sons of Liberty used the incident to do which of the following? *
10. The Tea Act gave the East India Tea Company total control over all tea sales in America. Total control over a product is known as ? *
11. Which of the following events demonstrates how the American patriots reacted to the Tea Act? *
12. What were the consequences of the Intolerable Acts for the people of Boston? *
13. Which of the following was a result of the First Continental Congress? *
14. History and literature have made which of the following members of the Sons of Liberty is famous for trying to warn the "minutemen" of the approaching redcoats before the Battle of Lexington and Concord? *
15. The Battle of Lexington and Concord is sometimes referred to as? *
16. Which of the following men below made the following statement "Give me liberty or give me death!" *
17. Self Assessment time! If each of your LiveBinder assignments is worth 20 points, how many TOTAL points would you give yourself for the "Crisis in the Colonies, Trouble over Tea, and the Shot Heard Around the World? *
18. Write a paragraph predicting and giving examples how the Sons of Liberty would have used modern technology for communication and propaganda prior to the American Revolution. *
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19. Write a paragraph explaining how the Stamp Act would have effected the American Colonists. How would you summarize the American Colonists reaction to the Stamp Act? *
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20. Write a paragraph summarizing the actions taken by the First Continental Congress after the Boston Tea Party *
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