Iowa elected officials and the Honorable Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds : Remove Radical Emergency Powers; Reinstate Constitutional Freedoms
Help encourage our legislators to strip the unconstitutional emergency powers in current Iowa code which undermine our checks and balances governing foundation.Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.
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Petition by: Informed Choice Iowa
To Iowa elected officials and the Honorable Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds:
A petition to Iowa elected officials and the Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, to honor the constitutional freedoms, personal autonomy, professional livelihoods and reinstate and preserve all personal freedoms and liberties removed during any public health disaster.

We petition: A public health declaration must be voted on and pass the House and Senate majority before Iowa's Governor can make a public health declaration.

We petition: A public health declaration expires after 30 days and must be voted on and renewed by the House and Senate majority.

We petition: Family wishes to be honored for identification and disposal of their loved ones remains.

We petition: Individuals determine their own prevention, control, and treatment of infectious disease. The Government departments should provide strategies in helping the public determine their options with full disclosure of risks and benefits.

We petition: Individuals impacted by chemical, biological, and radiological agents can determine their own measures to control and treat contamination when it affects their own bodies. The government or department can not forcibly treat individuals, rather should provide information to fully inform the public of the options available.

We petition: Testing and physical examinations can only be performed on a voluntary basis and not forced or coerced on any individual, family unit, or group of people.

We petition: Individuals only receive vaccines on a voluntary basis. The government or assigned department may not forcibly vaccinate or order individuals to be vaccinated against an infectious disease to prevent the spread of a communicable, non-communicable, or potentially communicable disease.

We petition: Individuals exposed to or infected with disease receive treatment or prophylaxis on a voluntary basis only, not by force.

We petition: The government or assigned department may only isolate or quarantine an exposed or infected individual in their home until they are no longer symptomatic. The government or assigned department may not forcibly isolate or quarantine a healthy, asymptomatic individual against their will.

We petition: The government or assigned department may not close any non-governmentally owned business during states of emergency. The government or assigned departments should give guidance and recommendations on how to operate safely during said times.

We Petition: Only with majority vote and if the governor finds it necessary to remediate the disaster emergency should Iowans be subject to any utilization of private property.

We Petition: Under no circumstance shall the government strip the right to bear arms, including the sale, purchase, own, and/or carry during a state of emergency. The government shall not legislate new or existing laws that would nullify the right to bear arms.


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