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Please read all of this before you begin:

For info on what ThisNewBand is and what we cover, read this:

I am looking to add 5-10 new writers to our core editorial staff. Each writer will be expected to contribute a minimum of one article per week. Each article takes an average of 1.5 to 5 hours to complete, including time for editing and revisions. (Many writers in the past have not worked out because they say they have time but actually are too busy. If you cannot commit the hours required, please do not fill this out.)

I am specifically looking for writers who are highly motivated, and have enough time each week to get their assignments done on time. I need a few who have prior experience and will require less time editing and managing, but am also looking for a few promising talents who we can teach and develop into great writers. We are looking for female, queer, and POC voices, and will show favor to applicants who are under the age of 25. (These align with our community and there are enough cis white dude writers.)

Most of our articles are short to medium length features on up-and-coming artists (Artist Of The Day articles) and figures within the music industry. Some of these will include interviews. We are also looking for writers to do opinion/think pieces on subjects which are important to them.

All of our contributors are unpaid volunteers. (Running the blog literally costs me money). By filling this out, you're cool with not getting paid. This is not an internship.

In exchange for writing for us, you will get experience with a rapidly growing media brand with deep industry relationships, as well as mentorship from editors and veterans within the music industry. Some of our past writers have gone on to get paying jobs in media; once you outgrow us or get "too good", I will happily open up doors for you to move onto better opportunities.

You may get chances to attend shows and festivals with complimentary tickets, however do not expect free tickets. This is a privilege that will be earned over time. [We do not do show reviews (they are almost always bullshit excuses to get tickets), so we are more limited in opportunities to attend shows.]

We use Google Drive (Docs and Sheets) for pretty much everything, so you must have an email address which is associated with a Google account.

* If you filled out a contributor form previously, please fill this new one out as it includes much more information about you and your skills. You will be prioritized over other applicants.

* If you have written for us in the past, you do not have to fill this out (unless you want to). Please simply send me an email stating that you want to continue writing for us!

Please DM me on Twitter if you have any questions or issues!

Best of luck!

Harley Barnes
Founder + Editor, ThisNewBand

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