Learning Event #3 - I Am Who I Am (First Commandment)
Watch the video of the teaching and complete the activities/questions below.

Youth Activities
October 18th @ 7pm - Zoom game day - link will be sent out via Remind on the day of the event
October 31st - 8pm-10:30pm for 6th-8th grade; 10pm-12:30am for 9th-12th grade - Halloween Party! Prizes for costumes, games & activities! Bring a friend!
November 7th/14th - Recharge at IOLBC - we are trying to get a group to go together!
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Learning Event #3 - 10.7.20 - The First Commandment
If your home was on fire, and you had time to take only one item out, what would it be? Why? *
If you had to choose one friend to be stranded on an island with, who would it be? Why? *
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Why? *
What is the one thing you do most often in your free time? *
When you think about the first four questions (what you would save if your home was on fire, one friend, job, and what you do in your free time), are there any of them that you place before God in your life? *
Describe God. *
Put a cup in the sink and fill it completely to the brim with water. If you were to put something else in the cup while it is completely full, what happens to the water? Imagine that the "other things" you put in the cup are idols that we place before God. What happens when our lives are so overrun with idols that we leave no room for God in our hearts? *
Memory Work, Stump the Presenter, and Prayer Requests
Please read and summarize your memory work below and submit any Stump the Presenter questions or Prayer Requests.
Memory Work - Read the following verse. Why does it apply to the First Commandment? "Who is God, but the Lord? Who is a rock, except our God?" - Psalm 18:31 *
If you have a religion/theology question for Stump the Presenter, please add it here.
If you have any prayer requests for this week, please add them here.
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