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Please fill out the following form as a formal request for an charitable donation requests.
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Note: We cannot consider requests for donations benefiting organizations that are not recognized as 501c3 non-profits. By answering "No" to this question, your form will automatically be submitted.
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What, if any, opportunities are available for recognition of a potential Citi Bike donation? *
For example, mention in a press release, on a website, in an event program, on social media, etc.
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If complimentary Citi Bike memberships are provided, how will they be distributed? *
For example, awarded to highest fundraiser, raffled during a silent auction, given to a board member, etc.
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Has this organization received a donation from Citi Bike in the past? *
When using the Citi Bike brand, please be mindful of the correct spelling of the company. If you would like the appropriate version of the brand/logo to use for your event; please contact Anthony Rosado at for a sublicense agreement.
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