MLaaTR 3D Animator Application
Want to become a 3D Animator on the reboot? Fill out the application accordingly and submit your separate audition to!
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What are you comfortable with modeling/animating? *
(creatures, people, machinery, etc.)
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Are you familiar with the Art Deco art style? *
If not, please note that Art Deco is the main art style of the show and it is crucial that you grow accustomed to modeling and animating it.
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1. Included within the 3D animator info page, there is an image of a ship. Create a 3D model of it using a 3D program. We recommend Blender (don’t worry, it’s free):

2.Create a 3D turn-around of the object (preferably using a CG camera and not the object itself)

3. Export as a .mov file (small aspect ratio in order to keep the file small enough for email)

4. Send audition file via email after this form's completion:

Additional comments/ideas:
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