Together for Safety - Share your experiences or report anti-choice protests / activities
Thank you for your interest in the Together for Safety Campaign. Together for Safety is a national campaign, based in Limerick, working for legislation that would enforce Safe Access Zones around all family planning clinics / maternity hospitals / health care facilities, including GP surgeries, in Ireland who provide or give information on abortions.

The purpose of this form is to collect feedback, testimonials and experiences from people who have witnessed or been directly targeted and impacted by anti-choice protests and activities taking place outside of family planning centres / maternity hospitals / health care facilities.

You are not required to put your name or contact information anywhere on this form. This is open to people who live in any part of the country.

The information you give will be collected and stored, anonymously, it will be shared by us occasionally on social media and included our communications with journalists, Government Representatives and other relevant stakeholders. It will also be included in the submission we are drafting for the Repeal Review.

Please note: We are asking all members of the public not to engage with or approach any protesters they may come across. Together for Safety does not and will not condone or advocate for the harassment and intimidation of anyone. The purpose of this campaign is to keep all citizens safe and free of judgement, harassment and intimidation as they go about their business.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
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