COVID-19 Food Box Service - SPFC
South Philly Food Co-op is looking to pilot a food box service for our members during the COVID-19 crisis. Please answer some questions for us as we do so. Since we don't yet have storage space or refrigeration, the boxes would be comprised of shelf-stable, pantry staples. If this pilot is successful, we may look to expand selections to produce and refrigerated items in the future, or to continue to run this service.
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Would you be interested in a box of shelf-stable, pantry staples from the co-op? *
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Do you have any special dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc)? *
If you have special dietary needs, what are they?
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How frequently have you been buying groceries during COVID-19? *
As we consider suppliers and box contents, please list food items you are having trouble sourcing below:
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I have access to a vehicle and would be willing to drop off a neighbor's groceries when I pick up my food box.
How much do you typically spend per week on these kinds of pantry staple items (not including produce, eggs, meat, dairy and other refrigerated items)? *
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If we are able to put together a box that includes non-perishable pantry staples (eg. rice, beans, pasta, cereal, etc) enough for a family of 4 for 1 week of meals, would you be willing and able to pay $43 for this box? *
Solidarity Discount Request: If you are not able to afford a weekly box at $43, please indicate what reduced $ amount you're able to contribute towards the cost of a box of pantry staples (if the answer is $0, please indicate that):
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Solidarity Contribution: If you are able to afford your basic needs at this time and would like to contribute $ towards someone else's groceries, please indicate what amount you would be able to contribute bi-weekly? (Stating an amount here is not a commitment to give.)
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Any suggestions for what we call the box?
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Is there anything else you wish to tell us or that we should consider as we move forward with this pilot?
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Are you currently a member-owner of South Philly Food Co-op?
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