Virginia Ice Theatre Registration
Thank you for your interest in registering for Virginia Ice Theatre's 2016-17 season! We are looking forward to another successful season and can't wait to see old friends and new faces. Please carefully read the following information before filling out the registration form.

We are holding auditions for all skaters who are at least FS 4, can skate into and land a flip, or have passed pre-preliminary moves in the field or Adult Pre-Bronze

Possible competitions/exhibitions

• All Teams- Critique in Richmond VA (March 2018)
• All Teams- Cardinal Classic, held at Prince William Ice Center, Dale City, VA (April 2018)
• All Teams- Fairfax ISI competition/exhibition (May 2017)
• All Teams- Virginia Ice Theatre Festival at Prince William Ice Center, Dale City, VA (May 2018)
• All Teams- Send offs, held at Fairfax Ice Arena (June TBD)
• Qualifying Teams- National Theatre on Ice Competition (Geneva, Il Jun 25th thru Jun 30th, 2018).
This competition can qualify us for the Nations Cup, which is a competition held internationally with teams from all over the world.
• Possible camp for all teams the week of Mar 24th thru March 29th and/or June 16th thru Jun 22nd.

Auditions are being held on the following days:
Skaters are required to attend at least 2 audition dates. They are welcome to skate at all 4.
Sunday Sept 10th 350pm-530pm at Prince William Ice Center
Monday Sept 11th 845pm-945pm at Fairfax Ice Arena
Sunday Sept 17th 310pm-510pm at Prince William Ice Center
Monday Sept 18th 845pm-945pm at Fairfax Ice Arena

There will be 2 parent meetings:
Sept 10th at 545 upstairs at Prince William Ice Center
Sept 11th at 845pm in the team room at Fairfax Ice Arena

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to your audition to sign in.

There will be a $100 audition fee per skater and $50 for each sibling.

We will have general practice until team placements have been decided but no later that Oct 16th

Fairfax Practice times will be Mondays 845-945pm
Prince William times will be Sundays between 350-740pm. A specific time slot will be assigned at the Sept 17th audition in Prince William.



The estimated monthly fee will be between $175-$200. Yearly USFSA/SCNV membership dues, testing fees, and team apparel will be responsibility of the individual skater. There will be assessment fees for additional costs, such as competitions. Fundraising opportunities will be available to help offset costs.

Regular practices

On a rotating basis, based on the number of teams, practices will be held
Mondays at Fairfax Ice Arena 845-945pm
Sunday afternoons/evenings between 3pm and 7pm at Prince William Ice Center.

Off ice will be scheduled:
1. Directly before or after scheduled weekend on ice practices at Prince William Ice Center.
2. At the Kings Park Community Center at 8940 Burke Lake Rd on selected weekends.

Team announcements:
Teams will be announced soon after the USFS 2018 TOI rules are released. At that time, a full practice schedule will be provided.

Parents' Involvement:

Theatre is an intricate puzzle that has many moving parts, many of them are off ice activities like: props, costumes, and, most importantly, fundraising. It is a requirement that at least one parent become an active member of a committee, to ensure a successful and smooth season.

In the application, you will see committees that need volunteers during the year. Please sign up for at least one position.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

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