Product Manager Interview Experiences
This form is a way to see the trends in Product Management interviewing to better help the PM community grow in the process as interviewers, and to help those interviewing better prepare.

Please submit one set of Interviews per company, per form. Submit the form again if you want to add more companies. If you're still interviewing, you can fill it out and comeback and edit your answers. Please only answer if you had an interview.

All answers are confidential.
i.e. We won't make this public and only necessary people involved will see the raw data, we won't sell your email. We will use this data to create a summary report and share with others, minus personal information.

We collect your email SO THAT we can contact you with follow-up questions/surveys (unlikely) AND you can also come back and edit your answers if you're still in the process (which is the main reason for doing it).

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