ACCE Questionnaire
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Access to Capital for Community Energy (ACCE) is a project funded by the European Commision aiming to create standard, barrier-free financing schemes for Energy Communities across Europe.

For this to happen firstly an identification of the currently existing financing tools is needed, and that is the main reason for this questionnaire to exist.

CEFS: Community Energy Financing Scheme
What is a Community Energy Financing Scheme ("CEFS")?

We consider a CEFS to be a financing scheme that funds community-based energy transition projects (sustainable energy, mobility, efficiency…) to overcome financial barriers which the community cannot tackle themselves. The primary purpose of those projects is to provide environmental, economic or social community benefits rather than financial profits.

For example, in France, the cooperative Energie Partagée manages a fund dedicated to investment in community energy projects. The fund collects citizen’s savings in the form of shares. Together with public bodies and the private sector, the fund invests in project companies that own renewable energy installations (solar panels, wind turbines, biogas and hydropower).

Your answers to this questionnaire will help us understand existing community financing schemes and to derive a more precise definition of the concept of CEFS.

The data provided through this questionnaire will be used for the purpose and in the framework of the LIFE21-CET research project ACCE (Grant number : 101077474). The Data Protection Officer for the ACCE project is vzw. The personal data will be kept in a secure location and its access will be limited to project personnel. The processing will be dedicated to achieving the objectives of the ACCE project. All personal data will be deleted after the end of the project.

For any request for information, deletion or modification of the data input here, please contact Stanislas d’Herbemont –

Important info
  • Please, fill out a separate questionnaire for each CEFS that you identify (you will be given the option to fill out a new one at the end of each questionnaire).
  • Filling out the whole questionnaire is not mandatory. Do not worry if you do not have all the answers.
  • If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire please contact Stan d'Herbemont –
1. Personal Data
1.1. Your name *
1.2. Job title *
1.3. Organization name
1.4. Type of organization
1.5. Country
2. Identification of CEFS
2.1. Based on the broad definition above, do you identify CEFS in your country?

If no, please answer only questions 8.3 and 8.4.
2.2. Name of the CEFS
2.3. Contact person or online information (website, etc.)
2.4. Year of creation of the CEFS
2.5. What is the overall capitalization of the CEFS?
2.6. How many renewable energy projects has the CEFS invested in?
2.7. How many people work in the CEFS? What professional backgrounds do they have?
3. Origins of the funds
3.1. Which type of entity brings in the funding that supports the CEFS? You can select more than one option.
3.2. What is the nature of investment proposed by the CEFS?
4. Funding Policy
4.1. How is the investment policy (i.e. type of organizations and projects supported by the CEFS, size of investment, etc.) determined?
4.2. How are citizens involved in the framing of the investment policy?
4.3. Is the investment policy stable, or potentially subject to change?
5. Governance of the CEFS
5.1. What is the legal form taken by the CEFS?
5.2. Who manages the fund (i.e. applies the investment policy of the CEFS)?
5.3. How are citizens, directly or indirectly, involved in the management of the CEFS?
5.4. Were energy communities considered or even involved in setting up the CEFS organization? If so, please explain in what way.
6. Economic model of the CEFS
6.1. Funding model
6.2. Is there an obligation to pay back invested funds if the project fails?
7. Eligibility criterion
7.1. How are the projects identified and then selected? Please elaborate on your answer to question 4.1.
7.2. What type of organizations are eligible for funding?
7.3. Describe how the citizens are involved, directly or indirectly, in the funded organizations.
7.4. Does the CEFS invest in renewable energy projects only? If not, what other types of projects does it finance?
7.5. Which technologies does the fund finance?
7.6. What is the size of projects concerned (Size min / Max in MW for an investment)?
7.7. What is the geographical scope of the CEFS?
7.8. At which stage of RES projects does the CEFS invest?
8. Other info
8.1. Is there a knowledge sharing mechanism involved in the scheme and how does it work?
8.2. Is the CEFS involved in the creation of a network? Which type of organizations is this network composed of?
8.3. Do you identify other types of financing schemes (not CEFS) that could be used to finance community energy projects? Please name the scheme and explain your answer.
8.4. Do you have any other remarks?
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