Library Love Questioner
We'd love to get your opinion on the Library Love Challenge.
Do you like that we offer a giveaway?
Would you like to see something else offered in the giveaway?
If you answered "Yes" to Question 2 then answer this one: What would you like to see besides books?
Your answer
Do you find it easy to enter the giveaway?
How did you like the new way of entering your reviews in the linky instead of the rafflecopter?
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Did you join the Library Love Goodreads Group?
Do you like the Goodreads group?
Any suggestions on how to make the Goodreads Group better?
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Would you like to have a monthly post where you link up your reviews for that month? (Something that is done here:, but with out the monthly giveaway. Just the yearly giveaway offered with a monthly entry.
Would you like to have a Mid-Year Library Check In post where you link up Mid-Year Post? (Something that is done here: Maybe a giveaway separate from the yearly or only the yearly giveaway offered with a Mid-Year option.
Any suggestions or comments?
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