Pollinator Garden Map
Please answer the questions below about your garden for a pin on the CHAPP map. We will review your submission, validate the information, and add a pin to the map using the information you provide. We ask for your email as the submitter as well as a contact email for keeping in touch in the future.
Email address *
Sponsor *
Who designed, installed and is maintaining this garden?
Sponsor Name
Optional: Tell us the name of the organization or group that designed and is maintaining the garden.
Type of Location *
Location Name
If the garden has a location name, i.e., for a school or park, you may provide that information below.
Garden Street Address
You are not required to provide the address although it is important for our records to have an approximate location. A street name, city, state and zip code will be needed for a garden pin. Please remember to add your CITY and STATE to your answer.
Garden City *
Garden State *
Garden's Zip Code *
This garden offers: *
Please review the requirements for CHAPP pollinator gardens at this page: https://chapollinator.org/the-basics/ and check all that apply. We will also map gardens that don't fully meet all the CHAPP requirements but are working toward that goal.
Percent Native
What is the approximate percentage of native plants you have in your pollinator garden.
Approximate size *
We would like to track the area providing pollinator habitat as a measure of improvement. Please provide your best estimate of the size of pollinator habitat in square footage. We also invite submitters to update this information as habitat is expanded (we hope).
Contact email address *
We need this information to stay in touch with you, including updating our records.
Photo URL
Optional: Copy and paste the url to an image of your garden. If you don't have a public (website) photo, you can send a photo file (.jpg, .png, .gif) to our email account (tnvalleywildones@gmail.com).
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