IMVU Creator Ad Submission
IMVU wants to help you to share your amazing product creations with the rest of the Community and help build your Creator business. The Creator Ad program is a powerful tool in your arsenal to promote your creative products and ultimately make more sales on IMVU!

Ads are displayed on the IMVU Feed on our mobile platform only for now. We plan to expand visibility to our other platforms soon. Since these are seen on mobile, link-clicks on ads drive users to the Creator's full catalog in the shop - just like the current Featured Creators list works on the shop page.

Fill out this form with the vital information needed below. As soon as your ad has been accepted, you'll receive an email confirming it's running.

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Creator Information
Your Customer/Member ID Number *
Your CID can be found on your settings page. Visit this page and look for "member number." We'll use this to drive link clicks on your ad to your full product catalog on IMVU mobile.
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Advertiser Name *
This will appear in your Ad Performance Reports, not in your Ad.
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Let's Build Your Ad
Example of a Creator Ad in Action!
Store Icon (Small Avatar Picture in Example Above) *
Dimensions: 80x80. jpg, gif, png files only. Max file size 1MB. You can host image files on IMVU in your albums (on our Desktop App) or use 3rd party services like Google Photos, Imgur, etc.
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Title (25 Characters Max) *
Think of something eye grabbing! This will be the first text users see.
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Description (100 Characters Max) *
Tell viewers what it's all about, what you're advertising! This will appear in your ad under the title.
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Main Image (Ad) *
Dimensions: 800x418. jpg, gif, png files only. Max file size 1MB. You can host image files on IMVU in your albums (on our Desktop App) or use 3rd party sites like Google Photos, Imgur, etc.
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Call to Action (15 Characters Max) *
In the advertising example above, this is the blue text in the blue button at the bottom of the ad. We strongly recommend short, one or two word CTAs. (i.e. Buy Now, Shop Now, Learn More). This is the button text users will click on.
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Cost and Payment
Ads are run in the Mobile Feed and visible to all non VIP users at this time. When your ad runs, it's seen until the views of the ad reaches 100,000.
There are three ways to purchase a Creator ad using your Developer Tokens or credits. *
Terms and Conditions
Please note: your advertising submission will be reviewed for accuracy and appropriateness. Further, upon submission, your catalog will be reviewed for compliance with the Terms of Service, including trademark and product rating (GA/AP) accuracy.
Upon approval, your ad should begin to run within two business weeks. You will receive an email confirmation - at the address you provided - when the ads start to run. Once your ad is accepted, no changes to the ad can be made while it is running.
By agreeing below, you confirm that you have the available Developer Tokens and/or Credits to pay for the ad as described and selected above. You also agree to permit IMVU to deduct the appropriate DevTokens and/or Credits from your account.
Check the box below to signify you understand and accept the terms. *
By submitting you agree to abide by IMVU's rules and regulations, this includes no copyright violations or stolen products. Submission does not guarantee your place in the Creator Ad Program. IMVU reserves the right to remove any Creator from the Creator Ad Program at any time. This program is subject to change without notice at any time.
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