South Hub DataUp Program

DATAUP PROGRAM: Apply to Bring Data Science to Your Campus! Deadline: March 31, 2020

The South Big Data Innovation Hub is excited to host the 2020 DataUp Program as part of our Keeping Data Science Broad Series. DataUp will offer hands-on training for instructor teams at minority-serving institutions, community colleges, or 4-year liberal arts colleges. Priority will be given to hosts who can demonstrate the participation of faculty from diverse departments, or multiple institutions of the types listed above.

Recipients of DataUp will receive one 2-day data science workshop hosted on their campus for 15 -30 people (workshop fees waived and instructor provided). Also, accepted team members will receive travel funding to attend an in-person train-the-trainers workshop in Atlanta, GA November 2020. After the training, teams will be certified to (and expected to) teach a data science course, bootcamp or workshop, in their local region by December 2021.

Join us to improve your data skills and apply what you will learn in your campus community!

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