the hub's action learning programme
Thanks for your interest in joining our Action Learning Set Programme! We're really pleased that you are thinking of applying. If you have any queries as you are completing this form, please do get in touch with us by emailing Julia Payne, the hub's director, at, or calling her on 07968 696211. You can also find out more on our blog:
Tell us a bit about your work and why you're interested in action learning
It will help us ensure we get a good mix of people in the sets if you could tell us a bit more about what you do professionally, so we have a few questions for you about this.
Please tell us a bit about your current work in the creative/digital sector (max 100 words, but you can be briefer!).
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How long have you been doing this?
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Is your work based in Colchester?
If there’s a website we could look at to find out more, please give us the address.
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If you were involved in the creative/digital sector before your current role, please tell us a bit more about that (max 100 words, but you can be briefer!).
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Based on what you know about it, how do you think action learning might help you professionally? Don't worry if you're not sure yet; just give us a sense of why you're interested in joining a set. Thanks!
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Now we just need a few details about you…
Please tell us your name.
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Please tell us your email address.
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Please give us your phone number.
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If you use social media, please tell us where we'll find you. (eg. Twitter - CuriousJuliaP)
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If you have any access needs or other particular requirements you would like us to know about, please tell us a bit more.
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Just a couple of questions about which set you are interested in…
Each set will meet 4 times, either during the day or evening, depending on what most applicants prefer. You can tell us about that in your next answer. For now, please tell us which of the following action sets you would like to join, by ticking only one of the options below. Please note that to join a set, you have to be able to attend all 4 set dates.
Column 1
I would like to join Set 1 and can attend all 4 sessions (Set 1 will meet on 12 June; 17 July; 11 Sept; 23 Oct)
I would like to join Set 2 and can attend all 4 sessions (Set 2 will meet on 18 June; 23 July; 10 Sept; 22 Oct)
I could join either Set 1 or Set 2, as I can do all of the above dates, and can attend all 4 sessions
I would like to join a set in June, but I would need it to be on a Saturday afternoon
I can’t start a set in June, but would like to know about sets starting in September
Please tell us which time(s) would work for you for your set meetings, again by ticking only one of the options below.
Column 1
Daytime (11.30am-2.30pm)
Evening (6.00-9.00pm)
I could do either daytime (11.30am-2.30pm) or evening (6.00-9.00pm)
I can only do Saturday afternoons
It's free to join a set, but we are asking for a returnable £25 deposit to secure your place. This will be paid back to you at the end of the programme, once you have completed all 4 sessions. Please confirm that you agree to paying the deposit.
That’s it for now.
Thanks again for your interest in joining a set! Applications for Sets 1 and 2 close on 2 June. There are just 8 places in each set, and it's important that we get a diverse mix of people in each set, so there is likely to be some competition for places. We'll aim to get back to you by 5 June to let you know the outcome of your application. Thanks again for applying!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Julia Payne ( or call her on 07968 696211. Hope to see you soon...
A big thank you to our funders who are making this possible!
And thanks to our venue partner too!
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