Space Coast Writers Guild Member Survey v.1.0.2
Last Edited March 10, 2018
Version 1.0.2

The following survey was created so that the Guild can learn more about you and how to best serve your needs. Please take advantage of the survey, and please use question 9.0 to tell us your great idea.

Additionally please let us know your zip code in question 10.0. The zip code lets us know how spread out our membership is.

About your privacy:
This survey collects no personal data about you other than your zip code. We can not map the survey back to an individual unless you let us know who you are. If you would like us to know who you are and would like for more information about the Guild, please supply your e-mail address in question 9.0. You may also leave just your name. We can also talk to you at a Guild Meeting.

If you are not a member, please feel free to be our guest and attend a meeting.

Thank you for taking the time to complete and return this survey.
Cindy Foley, President

Welcome to the Space Coast Writers' Guild established in 1982.
1.0. How many SCWG meetings have you attended in the past 12 months? *
2.0. If you haven’t attended any, please explain why:
2.1. (Follow up) If Question 2 was "other" please let us know more about "why"?
Your answer
3.0 As a writer are you: *
4.0. As a member have you participated in the Guild’s anthology projects? *
5.0 What value do you see in being a Space Coast Writers’ Guild member?
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6.0. What activities, speakers, topics would you like the Guild to present?
Your answer
7.0. Considering writers’ conferences you have attended recently or in the past, what would you like more of; i.e. representatives from traditional publishers, local speakers, editors, self-publishing experts, writing topics, etc.
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8.0. Would you like the SCWG Member List on the website? *
9.0. Please share any other ideas you may have to make the Guild more effective for our members. Please include your e-mail address if and only if you want us to follow up on your response.
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10.0. What Zip Code do you live in? *
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