Holly Renee Advance Review Team Application
Thank you so much for your interest in joining Holly Renee's Advance Review Team! The team is open to both readers and bloggers. Before completing the application, please review the criteria listed below.

If selected, you agree to Read and Review Advanced Review Copies of Holly Renee's upcoming releases. Amazon and Goodreads reviews are MANDATORY and DUE ON RELEASE DAY. Failure to post reviews will lead to removal from the team.

We will occasionally ask you to engage with or share posts to help spread word about upcoming releases and promotions. If selected, you agree to help promote Holly Renee's upcoming releases and promotions.

Sharing ARCs is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate removal from the team. If selected, you agree to not share, reproduce, replicate, sell, or otherwise illegally distribute the book provided to you.

Please ensure all information is correct before submitting this form. Please contact Holly Renee at authorhollyrenee@gmail.com with any questions regarding this team or form.

Thank you again!
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