Jackson River Technical Center Program/Course Application
Equal educational opportunities shall be available for all students, without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, ancestry, or marital or parental status. Educational programs shall be designed to meet the varying needs of all students. No student, on the basis of sex or gender, shall be denied equal access to programs, activities, services, or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege or advantage or be denied equal access to educational and extracurricular programs and activities.

Before filling out and submitting this application, please read and understand the following information:

  • ALL students interested in enrolling in a CTE program at Jackson River Technical Center (JRTC) are required to complete this application to be considered for initial acceptance into the desired program at the entry level.  
  • Students previously enrolled in a CTE program at JRTC who earned a final grade of less than 70 in the prerequisite course OR acquired more than 7 absences throughout the entire course (for whatever reason) MUST REAPPLY for acceptance into the previously enrolled program.  
  • If a student earns an F in a JRTC course, he/she is not eligible to advance to the next level or enroll in a JRTC course within the same completion sequence.  The student may complete an application for acceptance into the entry level course in a different program.  
  • JRTC program courses have limited availability and are capped at 20 students per course.  Priority is given to students who are able to complete the full 3 year program in good academic standing.  
  • Most JRTC programs require students to be in grade 10 with few exceptions.  If you are applying for acceptance into a program as a 9th grader, special permission must be acquired by the JRTC principal, and additional information may be necessary before your application is considered.    
  • JRTC students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, participate fully in the instructional program AND follow all expectations outlined in the course syllabus including code of conduct.  Successful candidates have a strong work ethic, an exceptional attendance record, are motivated to learn new skills and have a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve common goals.  
Directions for Completing the Application:
  1. Only completed applications will be considered.
  2. A separate application must be submitted for each program of interest.  
  3. Students should be prepared to answer all questions and provide the email address of a teacher or counselor who can attest to your work ethic and desire to learn.
  4. Applications must be submitted before February 15 of each school year.  Current JRTC students who will be (or may be) required to reapply due to grades or attendance must do so by May 1.  Applications received after those respective deadlines will be placed on a waiting list and will only be considered if space allows.  
  5. If you need assistance in completing the application process or have any questions, please see your school counselor. 
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