NTU CCF校园团契迎新营2019
2019年NTU CCF校园团契迎新营

通过这次的迎新营,新生们能够开始寻找自己在基督道路里的人生定位。而对于契友们,你是否在跟随基督的路上迷失了自己?欢迎你一起参与我们的迎新营会,再次check in跟随基督的道路吧!

日期:8月16日-17日 (星期五-六)
地点:Chevrons (48 Boon Lay Way, S609961)

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个人资料保护法 Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) *我同意让迎新营筹委们为了一切与2019南大基督徒学生福音团契迎新营有关的目的,收集并使用我的个人资料。我也同意通过电话或电邮收到一切关于营会的消息。所有您提供的资料将会被保密,也仅会被用在与2019南大基督徒学生福音团契迎新营相关的事物上。 I give consent for the camp committee to collect, use, and disclose my data for all purposes relating to the NTU Christian Fellowship Welcome Camp. By indicating your consent to provide your personal data in this form, you agree to receive publicity materials, updates and important announcements regarding the camp by email and phone. All personal information will be kept confidential and used for the purpose(s) stated. *
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