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RunningMan.my是马来西亚第一个在线食品配送服务,不提供最低订购量,配送费仅从RM 1起。 我们的目标是成为最方便的在线食品配送公司,甚至从您最喜欢的小贩摊位和当地美食中提供各种各样的食品。

我们已为巴生谷及更多马来西亚城市的30,000多饥饿人口提供服务!我们认为送餐不应被视为一项昂贵而昂贵的服务,而应是一种日常可用的便捷服务来解决问题 轻松获得食物的过程。 is the first Online Food Delivery service in Malaysia which offer NO minimum order and delivery fee starts from RM 1 ONLY. We aimed to be the most convenient online food delivery company by providing a wide variety choice of foods even from your favourite hawker stalls and local delights.

We have served more than 30,000 hungry folks around Klang Valley and many more Malaysian cities!We believe that food delivery should not be perceived as an expensive and premium service and it should be a convenient service that can be used in daily basis to solve the problem of getting food without hassle.
有兴趣加入我们吗? 无论您是餐馆老板还是小贩老板,都欢迎您加入我们。 只需立即填写此表格,我们将尽快与您联系。Interested to join us? No matter you are a restaurant owner or hawker owner, you all are welcome to join us. Simply fill up this form NOW and we will contact you ASAP.
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这是要支付给RunningMan的佣金。 客户们会在我们的平台下单,而运送费是由客户本身所承担。 因此,选择较低的佣金可能会增加您客户下单的费用。This is the amount to be paid to RunningMan. Delivery fee is to be borne by Customer who ordered from our platform. Thus, choosing a lower commission rate may increase your customer's ordering cost.
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