Pickle Factory Preludes - Natir Puja: Tagore, Dance and Modernism.
Thank you for your interest in this programme presented by the Pickle Factory Dance Foundation in partnership with the Goethe- Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata.

Since the event is for limited numbers, prior registration is required. Please fill up the form to register.

Whether you are a dance practitioner, audience, scholar, critic or student, how to read and respond to dance and movement-based performance is a constant concern.
This programme addresses precisely these questions through playful and provocative, inventive, intuitive and interrogative participatory processes – much like how artists create their work. The aim is to develop a critical vocabulary around practice, and create the space and habit of imaginative discourse open to both offering and meeting challenges.

The sessions are on Wednesday, 1 & Friday, 3 August from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M at Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata. Participants must attend both sessions. There is no stipulated age restriction, though we recommend the programme for 15 years and above depending on the module content and background of the participant.
Registration Fees is Rs. 500/- (both sessions included), payable at the venue
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