Take your time
For each game in the list write a short piece on your thoughts of its level and enemy design **Panzer Dragoon series **Sin and Punishment series **Star Fox series **Kid Icarus Uprising *
List your thoughts on level/enemy design for any similiar games you have played
For this type of game would you add rpg elements to this genre?
How would you add discovery, exploration, or secrets to these while still making games linear and based on stage proggression?
How would you add fun gimmicks to this genre?
How would you improve the complexity and depth of the moveset?
Write a short piece about pacing in this genre
Write a short piece about 'difficulty' in this genre. We want a difficulty that is hardcore challenge for the best players and one that game journalists can beat.
Writing a short piece about scoring in this genre. The good, the bad, how you would make a great score system.
How would you add a greater emphasis on speed (stuff like dashes or boosts) to the genre?
Do you play the 3D Sonic games? If so write something on the speed in those games and how that same feeling could be applied to this genre. If you don't play them you can still answer by watching the games on youtube.
What will your philosophy be when listening to playtesters?
Do you have a basic understanding of UE4?
Feel free to write whatever you like here
You have reached the end :D my email address is You may freely message me if you need clarrification. Please enter your email at the bottom below so I can get in contact with you later and double check for typos
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